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Permanent Make-Up

Lip Blush

Enhance your lip colour and shape to create the perfect, natural-looking pout.

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Target areas

✓ Lip colour

✓ Lip shape

✓ Thin Lips

✓ Pigmentation

✓ Allergic to conventional make-up

Lip Blush is semi-permanent tattoo make-up that adds a touch of colour to your lips giving them a natural and fuller appearance.

Improving on traditional lip tattooing, Lip Blush is a more topical and natural approach. Natural shades of organic pigment are used so that the resulting colours look as if they could be your own but with a slight boost.

Additional to the touch of colour, Lip Blush also defines your lip line to give it a more pronounced shape as well as correcting any asymmetry and improving pigmentation.



Session Time

2-3 hrs



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Session Time

2-3 hrs



Starting at


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What can I expect from my Lip Blush treatment?

In the consultation, we discuss what results you are after and what colour the blush should be to suit your skin tone to achieve a natural look. We will also go through the process in detail and answer any questions you may have.

A topical anaesthetic is applied and the desired lip shape is drawn for final revision before the tattooing process. A tiny mechanised needle is then used to deposit the colour pigment into the lips.

What’s the difference between Lip Blush and Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers involve injecting fillers to plump the lips. Lip Blush however can give lips the appearance of being fuller by using colour pigments while not actually increasing the volume/plumpness. Lip fillers don't change the colour of your natural lips while Lip Blush adds natural colour to boost the shade of your lips.

Lip Blush cannot be completed on lips that still have a filler. If you have a filler, please wait until it dissolves completely before booking a Lip Blush treatment.

Does the Lip Blush treatment hurt?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance however most clients experience very little discomfort. The topical anaesthetic applied is highly effective at minimising any pain, especially due to the porous nature of lips.

What do I need to know about post-treatment care?

Your lips will appear richer in colour for two to three days after treatment. This is normal, the colour will settle down and any excess colour will flake off as your lips heal. You might also experience some dryness so have lip balm ready and apply when needed.

How long will the results last?

Depending on the individual, the Lip Blush results can last up to three to five years.

How much does the Lip Blush treatment cost?

Lip line & blend - $750.00*

Full lip shading - $800.00*

6-12 month touch-up - from $200.00

*Price includes consultation and a touch-up appointment six weeks post-treatment if needed.