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Our Values: Connection, Trust, Integrity and Expertise.

Founded and led by Kay Nuttall, Kay and Co cosmetic rejuvenation clinic is dedicated to empowering you to feel good on the inside and out, by loving the skin you are in.

Our sanctuary in Highett Victoria, is created for you to feel safe, listened to and understood, so we can help you increase your level of confidence whilst achieving the best possible skin results, tailored to your needs.

We are the experts at personalised anti-ageing action plans; utilising the latest technologies and science-backed dermal treatments, to enhance and rejuvenate your natural beauty so you look healthy, natural and refreshed.

We see cosmetic rejuvenation as a journey; a slow and collaborative process that builds strong connections and lasting relationships with our clients.

We do not do the standard cookie-cutter technique (as we believe no two faces are the same), and we are not an express quick-fix clinic.
We have a long term approach and are dedicated to providing personalised, holistic cosmetic and skin care treatments for women, at defining stages of their lives.

The most rewarding part for us is seeing you celebrate your beauty and approach life with a renewed sense of confidence.

Kay nuttall

CEO | Founder and Senior Cosmetic Nurse

“When I hit rock bottom, I joked it was a midlife crisis or early Menopause. But I soon realised it was as simple as putting my needs first; all I needed was self-care and self-love”.

Watch Kay's story here:

Combining 27 years of clinical experience as a Division 1 Registered Nurse with her love for seeing people rise above and shine, Kay founded Kay and Co.

Having worked in a variety of nursing fields, including Emergency and Paediatrics, Kay transformed her passion of care to specialise as a Cosmetic Nurse Injector. She has spent decades perfecting her craft within the cosmetic field working with some of the best industry leaders, and alongside the most highly respected plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the country.

Merging the science and medicine of cosmetic injectables and her artistic flair with the latest in anti ageing modalities, Kay achieves the best possible results for her clients with unparalleled quality and standard of care. With the right dose, the right eye for detail and the expertise of an experienced injector,  you can look naturally refreshed, and glow from the inside out - not only now, but in the future (and gracefully age, just like a good bottle of red that just gets better with time).

Kay’s highly respected reputation in the industry, and loyal and long-standing client list is a testament to her knowledge, expertise and integrity.

meet the team


Dermal Therapist | International Phi Brow Artist | Cosmetic Tattooist

There was never any doubt for me, even from a young age - I knew that I would follow my mothers’ career path and become a skin therapist.  Hearing her share stories of the lives she changed by improving her client’s skin inspired me. My passion is all things skin and beauty. I strive to empower women to feel good in their skin. Combining various light based modalities and my extensive knowledge as a DMK Advanced Skin Therapist, I work from outer to inner core; revising and rebuilding skin quality, to ensure my clients feel more confident in their skin.

I treat various skin conditions such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, anti-ageing and gut health.

My Zen is in the fine details and expressing my artistic flair with precision- whether it’s creating the perfect brow to frame your face, or just the right amount of blush for the ultimate lip enhancement. I love the connection I have with my clients, who become dear friends.  They often say  “you have changed my life” when they receive the extra boost of confidence they needed.  That is the most rewarding part; it makes me strive to continually learn and give more.

Working along Kay Nuttall, and witnessing first hand the positive impact the combination of skin care and cosmetic injectables has on improving women’s self esteem and their lives, has inspired me to further my studies in the field of Nursing.  I can’t wait for the next chapter to begin, as I combine my knowledge in dermal therapy with cosmetic nursing.


Dermal Therapist

All through my teenage years and into my early 20’s I suffered with terrible acne and acne scarring. I was embarrassed and incredibly self-conscious about my skin. The only way for me to feel slightly better about my face was to cover my skin in thicker layers of makeup. This need to hide my acne and skin led me to pursue my career in beauty therapy.

Covering the basics of skin biology and cosmetic chemistry, and experiencing first hand the positive effects of simple changes to improve the appearance of skin, changed my trajectory. I no longer just wanted to cover my skin; I became obsessed with improving it. I needed to know more. I am passionate about learning and my obsession to understand how to improve my skin inspired me to study a science degree.

As a dermal therapist, I have a broad knowledge of acute and chronic skin conditions, and the expertise to safely treat your skin needs. Using a combination of light based modalities, science and the most up to date skin revision treatments, I ensure your skin needs are met and that the results exceed expectations.

I have a genuine desire to assist you to feel more comfortable in their skin. I’m changing lives, by building confidence and self esteem through beautiful skin. The connection I feel with my clients and hearing the struggles they too have been through, is humbling and so rewarding; it’s why I come to work everyday.


Division 1 Registered Nurse / Cosmetic Nurse

With a strong desire to continuously learn and a passion for cosmetic nursing, I joined the team at Kay + Co because I wanted to be surrounded by women in the industry that genuinely cared about delivering a high quality of care and results.

As a Division 1 Registered Nurse, critical care certification and over five years experience working in the emergency department at Knox Private Hospital, I’m furthering my education by studying my Masters in Nursing.

I love the physical enhancements that come with cosmetic injectables; the instant results with dermal fillers, enhancing lips to create the perfect pout, providing facial support and lift to slow the effects of gravity.  My expert use of anti-wrinkle treatments not only help iron out wrinkles but also assist with medical concerns such as TMJ disorder, migraines and hyperhidrosis.

No matter the reason, my treatments will help you feel more confident, and radiant, so you acknowledge your beauty on the inside and out.