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Lash + Brow

Feathered Brows

Fuller eyebrows with natural and realistic looking strands.

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Target areas

✓ Eyebrow shape

✓ Eyebrow colour

✓ Sparse eyebrows

✓ Thin eyebrows

✓ No eyebrows

Feathered brows are achieved via microblading; a form of semi-permanent tattooing. The process evolves using a tiny, fine-point needle and certified cosmetic tattoo pigment to create fine strokes that mimic the natural hair of brows.

This technique can be used to add definition to your natural brows, fill out any sparse areas, darken faint brows, or even create brows on those who have lost them.

Microblading is ideal for normal to dry skin types as microblading strokes may blur and fade faster in oily skin.



Session Time

1-2 hrs



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Session Time

1-2 hrs



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How does Feathered Brows/Microblading work?

Unlike tattooing, microblading is a manual process that does not penetrate the deeper layers of the skin; it only delicately scratches the surface. The needle implants thin incisions with certified cosmetic tattoo pigment in the dermis layer of the skin and is therefore not permanent and will fade with time. Due to the tiny and fine-point needle, the strokes created imitate real eyebrow hairs and thus look natural and realistic.

What can I expect from my Feathered Brows/Microblading treatment?

In the consultation, we will discuss what results you’d like to achieve, map out the ideal eyebrow shapes for you taking your face shape and features into consideration, go through the process, and answer any questions. We will then shape and clean up your eyebrows to prepare for the treatment.

Your brow area is cleaned and a topical anaesthetic is applied to numb the area. Then, using the fine-point needle, we gently implant the pigment using featherweight strokes.

Does the Feathered Brows/Microblading treatment hurt?

Due to the difference in pain tolerance, experiences may vary. Most clients experience very little discomfort due to the topical anaesthetic but there might be a scratching sensation.

What do I need to know about post-treatment care?

Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for around 7-10 days and avoid wearing make-up for at least a week while your skin heals.

As they heal, you might experience some slight irritation or itching. The eyebrows might also change colour and become flaky. This is normal and please avoid scratching or picking at them to prevent scarring and infections.

Once completely healed, ensure to use sunscreen on your eyebrows to extend their longevity and prevent against fading from the sun.

How long does the Feathered Brows/Microblading treatment last?

Depending on your skin type, microblading can last up to 12-18 months. The pigmentation will fade away and there will be no scarring or discolouration.

How much does the Feathered Brows/Microblading treatment cost?


*Price includes consultation, brow shaping and touch-up appointment if needed.