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Skin Treatments

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Restore skin to its peak condition, with long lasting results.

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Target areas

All skin conditions including:

✓ Acne

✓ Rosacea

✓ Dehydrated dry skin

✓ Pigmentation

✓ Enlarged pores

The world renowned, DMK signature Enzyme Therapy treatments are designed to rapidly restore the health and natural functioning of your skin, enabling it to perform just as it did when it was younger.

Utilising the elite concept of DMK signature enzyme therapy, we are able to revise, rebuild and strengthen your skin using botanically derived ingredients. Over 40 years have been spent perfecting the DMK Enzyme therapy treatments and they are the only treatments in the world that utilise the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes.

The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive. The treatments encourage blood circulation, oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and collagen production whilst simultaneously helping to flush away toxins and free radicals (through “reverse osmosis”).

Where some cosmetic facial treatments may only act on the surface of the skin, DMK Enzyme Treatments work deep within the skin at cellular level.

Each treatment is customised to work with a variety of skin concerns, so you can maintain healthy and radiant skin, with long lasting results.



Session Time

1-2 hours


Very minimal

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Session Time

1-2 hours


Very minimal

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What are enzymes?

Enzymes are living substances that work with certain minerals in the body. When properly formulated, enzymes can remove dead protein, toxins and free radicals through a process called “reverse osmosis”. All of this provides amazing anti-ageing benefits to help with fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and cell turnover.

What can I expect from my DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment?

The treatment is a multi-step process. Your skin will be cleansed and gently exfoliated before a mask full of botanical ingredients and enzymes is applied to your face and décolletage with a brush. You can then rest for 45 minutes as the mask does its job.

As the mask hardens and starts to set, it tightens and pulls the skin to exercise facial muscles and promote oxygen flow. Some clients mention that they can feel their skin tingling and pulsing as the mask dries (which it totally normal as this means blood is being drawn to the surface of the skin). Overall, it’s a comfortable sensation and is only very obvious for a few minutes.

Once the 45 minutes are up, the mask is washed off.

What happens right after the DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment?

You will notice little red blood vessels popping up over your shoulders, chest, neck and face. This is called the “plasmatic effect” and is a very good sign. It means your capillaries had dilated from the treatment and your newly oxygenated blood is rushing through them.

How long until I see results after my DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment?

Results will vary depending on the number and type of treatments (as each treatment is formulated for your specific target areas).

Although, many clients do mention that their skin is supple, plump and hydrated immediately after their first treatment, and see even better results within 4 days or so.

Who is suitable for DMK Enzyme Therapy?

DMK Enzyme Therapy can be used on almost all skin types. Book a Skin Consultation to find out if it's suitable for you.

How much does DMK Enzyme Therapy cost?

Each treatment is customised to your needs to work with a variety of skins concerns and compliment other modalities you may also being have done.

Level 1:

Enzyme 1 and trans dermal infusion - $200

Level 2:

One pre-treatment and enzyme 1 or 2+3 and trans dermal infusion -  $240

Level 3:

Two pre-exfoliants or advanced exfoliation and enzyme 1 or 2+3 - $280.00

Level 4:

Instant Lift treatment -  $300