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Get your baby feet back – softer and smoother skin, with just one treatment.

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Target areas

✓ Cracked heels

✓ Dry, hard skin

✓ Thickened soles

✓ Callouses

✓ Corns

Our signature DMK MediPedi® foot treatment is something special.

Remove callouses and hard skin build up with exceptional visible and tactile improvements in just one treatment, leaving the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet feeling smoother and softer.

The MediPedi® is a gentle and effective treatment that utilises alkaline wash, herbal pigment oil and callous crème to address callouses, corns, cracked heels, rough, dry skin, dark pigmented areas and fungal or bacterial infections without rasping or scraping techniques.

The treatment is a non-invasive and does not require the use of acids, harsh chemicals and other solvents nor does it rely upon heavy rasping, cutting or other mechanical methods of removing the build-up of hardened, dead skin.

And the best bit is, this treatment will remove dead skin without causing the skin to re-thicken.

The MediPedi® can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or as an addition to your facial treatments.



Session Time

30 mins



Priced at


Session Time

30 mins



Priced at


*$70 if added onto an enzyme therapy treatment.

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How does MediPedi® work?

Special ingredients used in the MediPedi® treatment are designed to sink deeply into dead cell layers of skin and dissolve heavy cell build-up.

Herbal pigment oil and callous crème will help reduce callous build up and leave your feet smoother and softer.

Alkaline wash cleanses the surface epidermal cells and dissolves the dry, hardened skin on the feet. It is similar to a chemical peel without the trauma of a controlled burn or discomfort of conventional chemical peels.

Your skin therapist will tailor the strength of the alkaline wash to suit your skin condition.

When will I see results?

The MediPedi® Treatment will produce a significant improvement and restore health to your skin after one session. Some extreme calloused skin conditions may require more than one treatment to achieve optimal results.

What is the MediPedi® process like?

  1. On the day of your treatment, your skin therapist will cleanse your skin and apply the alkaline wash solution.
  2. After the application is completed, the solution will be removed and neutralized. Your skin may look shiny and slightly red.
  3. Your skin therapist will then massage herbal pigment oil and callous crème to your skin to further reduce callouses and hardened skin.
  4. Your feet will feel softer, smoother and healthier, with no downtime.

Is the MediPedi® treatment safe?

Yes, the MediPedi® treatment is non-invasive, it is a gentle treatment that does not rely on acids, harsh chemicals, heavy rasping, cutting or other mechanical methods to remove the build-up of hardened, dead skin.

Is the alkaline wash painful?

In some cases, the area can appear red and warm, which is normal, and will subside in a short period of time. Overall, the treatment is completely pain-free.

Who is not suitable for this MediPedi® treatment?

The treatment isn’t suitable for those with any infection around the feet or toenails. It is also not a suitable treatment if the feet are sunburnt. Find out if the MediPedi® is right for you by booking a Skin Consultation.