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Hair Removal

Alkaline Hair Removal

Dissolve and reduce fine hairs, easily and quickly.

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Target areas

✓ Fine facial hairs

✓ Excess facial hair

✓ Ingrown hair

✓ Razor bumps

✓ Folliculitis

✓ Pigmentation spots

✓ Sun damage

The fine hair on your face can be difficult to treat with other hair removal systems.

DMK Alkaline Wash system is a remarkable treatment that has the advantage of removing large areas of hair in one treatment with little to no discomfort, and reduces hair growth over time with multiple treatments.

The Alkaline Hair Removal treatment is ideal for the face, as it not only softens and dissolves unwanted hair, tackles ingrown hair and folliculitis, but also works on improving skin colour and texture.

This treatment be done on its own or paired with enzyme therapy to improve skin functioning at the same time.



Session Time

10-20 mins



Starting at


Session Time

10-20 mins



Starting at


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What is Alkaline Wash and how does it work?

DMK's Alkaline Wash system is a unique formula that takes the pH levels of the skin to the opposite end of the pH Scale – from 5.6 to a pH of 12 in under three minutes. This action completely softens the skin cells.

This unique formula does not discriminate as to what kind of dead protein is dissolved so it will dissolve hair as well. This makes it very effective for the removal of unwanted hair on the body or face.

The DMK Alkaline Wash dissolving action also works on scar tissue, facial hair, razor bumps and acne.

Why is fine hair difficult to treat with other hair removal systems?

Fine hair is difficult to remove with other treatments as the hair growth is usually dense. This means that it would take a long time to treat with electrolysis (which targets hairs individually) and also would not be suitable to be treated with IPL or laser as they are hard to target.

Is the Alkaline Hair Removal painful?

In some cases, the area can appear red and warm, which is normal, and will subside in a short period of time. Overall, the treatment is completely pain-free.

When will I see results after my Alkaline Hair Removal treatment?

After the first treatment the hair will grow back at its normal rate but over time consecutive treatments will reduce its regrowth.

How much does the Alkaline Hair Removal treatment Cost?

Lip: $25

Cheeks: $30

Half Face: $80

Who may not suitable for Alkaline Hair Removal treatment?

You must inform your therapist if you become pregnant or if you take any medication or vitamins between treatments. Book a Skin Consultation with us to find out if Alkaline Hair Removal is right for you.